Monday, July 21, 2008

Time Away

Richie and I went to Ft. Scott Friday night for 24 hours of just us. Ft. Scott is about 90 miles south of here and we managed to make it down there in about two hours driving the secondary (and even smaller) highways. We drove about 150 miles on the way down there.

We used to do this kind of rambling all the time. Early in our courtship and marriage, with very little money to entertain ourselves, we would routinely buy a six pack of beer and head out of town to drive and look at the countryside. Sometimes we went with friends and made a true adventure out of it, but mostly we went alone. Those were really special days. Anyone who knows me and Richie knows how we both can talk - on and on. Imagine the two of us together, we never shut up and we always have something to talk about.

The joy of the kids and the craziness of life has made these rambling 'dates' come fewer and far between but we both still love driving aimlessly - as long as we are together.

We stayed at an old hotel in downtown Ft. Scott. It is a beautiful but sad looking downtown. There isn't much going on there. We had a lovely time, talking, catching up with each other and just being away from the chaos of our lives.

The trip home was an adventure as well. We broke down in Parker, Kansas. This place is so small I was surprised it was on the map. After about an hour, a few calls to Tony, and some patience - "it is what it is" - we were able to get the car going and made it home. The heat of the day and long car ride left me feeling a bit nauseous, a feeling I am getting used to now.

It was a delightful departure from our everyday life and another reminder of how wonderful our life really is. Coming home to the sink full of dirty dishes didn't even faze me - until I realized that was the one job I had asked the kids to do. And then the phone started ringing. The dogs needed food and attention. And then I reminded myself, I have this. I have a wonderful life full of people and animals and things that need doing. I have a life.

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Mom said...

Glad to know that you and Rich were able to get away together. But car trouble, dirty dishes and hungry pets will always find you, you know that! We love you much, Mom and Dad