Sunday, July 6, 2008

One Year Later

July 4 marked the year anniversary of my diagnosis. One year ago we were taking up temporary residence at the Faxon St. Luke's Hospital in Utica. It seems like a lifetime away.

It seems like that life and time belonged to another person. She and I had much in common, but I am the survivor. I am the one that lives. I have help from the established medical community and am working with others to determine which alternative therapies will help me to live more fully. I am the one who is alive.

I have managed to make it through the first round of patupilone with minimal side effects. I had some nausea and diarrhea (can you believe I am writing about that?!?)
We marked the day just like any other celebration: good friends, BBQ and fireworks.

Rich took some time off work and we have had a relaxing time enjoying the pleasant weather. As always, I am thankful for being alive and having the chance to celebrate anything these days. Life is good.

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