Monday, August 29, 2011


It has been a hard couple of weeks in the cancery world. A couple of my girls are really suffering right now, fighting for their lives and holding to their families. I need the friendship of these ladies. I need their humor and their wisdom. I need their honesty and their help. I find that I do better with a 'virtual' group and these ladies have been an important lifeline for me this last year.

And what a year it has been. After the ctscan craziness of June 2010, I was faced with a return to the carbo/taxol routine. At this time last year, I was wallowing in self pity and bald again. I had sent Richie and C alone to Camp for vacation and the only good thing that seemed to be happening in our lives was that M had made it home safe and sound! But oh, what a difference a year can make.

Wednesday morning, Aug 31, I leave for a six day trip on the Salmon River in Idaho. I am going as a part of the River Discovery organization for cancer survivors. I will be with 14 other women and the staff and crew running this excellent organization. I am still reeling from the unexpected invitation and the speed with which this trip is happening.

I had applied for the program back in February, but was slow in getting my paperwork returned and was put on the waiting list. I felt comfortable that if I was meant to go, it would somehow work itself out and it sure worked itself out! I got a phone call last week from my cousin Ellen. Ellen is a member of the River Discovery organization and she was calling to tell me that a space had opened up for me. Sadly, another woman was not able to go and had to drop out, but that meant I had an opportunity and I grabbed it.

Ellen also helped in making arrangements for me to fly from KC to Boise. My cousin Greg was so generous as to donate some frequent flyer miles and voila! I had transportation.

I am scared, excited, anxious and stressed, but all in a good way. I am mostly worried about being able to keep up with the group. Will we have nap time? (haha) and how will that colostomy care be out in the wild? Ellen says not to worry that she's got a plan and of course, I trust her. So now it's just a matter of going and being, of seeing and enjoying. There is not of lot to enjoy about cancer, but I will enjoy this trip. I will post some photos and tell you all about the trip when I get home.