Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holding Steady!?!

I haven't had much to say lately, which, I realize, is very unusual, but not much has been happening. I have been taking my meds, my supplements, my vitamins and eating well. I have been receiving twice weekly vitamin C treatments and visiting the oncologist, the urologist and the lab. Life is moving along at it's usual pace and I almost feel normal.

But yesterday, I had good news, news that needs to be shared and so share I will. I had blood drawn on Monday for a CA125. My previous results came in at 611 which prompted the oncologist to insist that I start chemo again. Monday's number was 620! As I have said before I really don't put much weight on this number - unless it's a good one - because it hasn't been a great indicator for me and it is just one of the diagnostic tools the docs use to evaluate the cancer. But 620 is like 611 is like 600. The most important thing is that it hasn't changed much. This means the VitC, the doxil (chemo), the diet and the supplements and vitamins are doing what they are supposed to be doing. They are holding the cancer in check. That is a really good feeling.

The nice weather today helps improve my mood and I am hoping for a long spring, a slow introduction into summer. I am thinking about trying to find a part time job, something low stress. It's time to reengage in the world. This is such a hopeful time and I am feeling it.