Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good things are happening in cancerville. I had surgery on September 2 to correct the problems I have had with my bladder since the January surgery. Recovery has been going well and, although I have been experiencing both the highs and lows that come with surgeries and physical setbacks, lately I have been feeling good.

Last Friday, I went to have a test called a cystogram. This test was to determine if my bladder had any holes in it. During the test I had a little leakage, but nothing compared to how bad it was with the bladder fistula. I saw the urologist in the afternoon and he removed the catheter. I was crying. The doc and his nurse were crying. He said I deserved some good news and I couldn’t agree more! It has been a long, long time since I have had control of my bladder. This catheter has only been in place for two weeks, but the removal of it ended nine months of problems I had been experiencing since my surgery in January.

This is such a huge relief and a lifting of the doom I had been feeling regarding my health and my ability to recover. I have had chemo in my system for well over a year and chemo makes me a slow healer. To me, the catheter was an outward sign of my cancer and I had been feeling a great weight with it’s presence. And now it is gone!!!!!

I believe the healing from the recent surgery also speaks highly of the overall condition of my immune system. I had been warned that I might have the catheter in place for three or four weeks. Healing in the two week time period gives me great hope that my immune system is doing it’s job and doing it well.

I see the oncologist on the 28th of this month and at that time we will determine the next course of action. I will likely have a high CA125 because of the surgery and no chemo for the last eight weeks. I am hoping she will put me back on the doxil, I feel like I was responding well to that. She is also likely to put me on avastin. The doxil/avastin combination seems to be working well for other ovarian cancer patients and I sure would like to be in their club.

So I will enjoy my last seven chemo-free days and put my energy in to the garden. It is time to trim back the bushes, divide the bulbs and spread the mulch. Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes.

Love and lots of hugs,