Saturday, July 26, 2008

Many, many thanks

Here is some information I wanted to share with you. This wonderful group of friends has organized a gathering for my family and me. I can't thank them enough. What a great opportunity for us to get together, share some good cheer and positive energy with one another. Thank you, thank you.

Friends of the Maggie & Richie Backus Family are hosting a benefit concert and celebration to be held August 17, 6-9, at Liberty Hall, in downtown Lawrence. Local musicians will perform the songs of Neil Young and Lucinda Williams throughout the evening, with all proceeds going to the Maggie Backus cancer fund. All ages are welcome. A community of friends from near and far wish to help Maggie with her fight against cancer and to offer love and support to her and her family. In addition to a night filled with great live music Maggie will speak briefly on cancer awareness. Light fare will be provided as well as a variety of activities geared towards younger people with a silent auction of both real and imaginary items! Everyone is invited. Besides a grand celebration we also hope to raise enough money to help offset the costs of Maggie's treatment. A twenty dollar donation is suggested (kids at half price) but all are welcome regardless. Anyone wishing to participate or be more involved please contact us through .

Many people have been hoping to help us out with meals and we are very thankful for the offer of help. Right now, we are doing really well on the food front. My friend, Noelle, and her husband graciously organized a wonderful 'meal drive' for us. We have over twenty meals in the freezer ready for us to eat anytime. So, for now, we are full up with ready to heat meals and the good feelings that come with so many trying so hard to take good care of us. Thank you all again and again and again.

On the cancer front, I am feeling pretty good all things considered. I have managed to make it through the second round relatively unscathed. Fatigue is my constant companion, but I am managing pretty well - up early when my energy is good and down early when my body calls for it. I have had some bothersome trips to the bathroom and a little ache here or there, but it seems a small price to pay for being here and now, being alive and being able to touch Richie, Madeline and Charlie for one more day.

Richie and I aren't sure what we have done to deserve such wonderful friends, but we sure are glad you are all there. This would be a long and lonely road without you. Remember that we feel your help everyday and we are extremely thankful for it.

Here is a short note from Madeline:
maddie cut herself shaving, say your prayers.

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