Friday, May 22, 2009

My positive mantra

You cannot receive your chemo treatments if your ANC (Absolute Neutrofil Count) is below 1.5. Yesterday my count was 1.3. My white blood count is just a smidge too low. So no doxil this week, maybe next. I am feeling a little down about this but am trying to use the number 51 as my positive mantra.

It also helps to stay positive when good things happen for your children. Madeline was awarded the Mustang Female Citizenship Award last night at the 9th Grade Recognition Ceremony. She was recognized by her peers as someone who "respects the individuality of their fellow students, looks for the 'good' in people, strives to achieve in school and extracurricular activities, speaks positively of others and cooperates with peers and teachers." Can you tell how proud I am? It says a lot to me about her mental health. We have had a rough couple of years here and yet she has remained true to herself and is doing pretty damn well. I sure love her.

Happy Memorial Day weekend. May all your memories be good ones.....

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Dahlia said...

Congratulations to Maddie!