Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, didn't Roseanne Rosanandana used to say, "If it isn't one thing, it's another."

This morning dawned just beautifully. I think. I wasn't actually awake until 8am, but it was beautiful when I woke up. Madeline was sleeping, Charlie slowly waking up, Richie making plans for a bike ride and I was enjoying reading the paper.

I took Charlie to his religious ed class and ran to the grocery store for a few things. Charlie and I were home an hour later and Madeline met us at the door. Richie had a bike accident and was at the emergency room! Ugh! When will the madness end? The good news is he will be fine. He has a couple of stitches, a badly dislocated middle finger and some scrapes and bruises.

We are all tired and trying to destress, but alive and healthy (relatively speaking.) I hope for a better week this week.

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