Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good News is the Best News

My nurse from the oncologist's office called today with the CTscan results. There is no discernable change from the last scan. With my CA125 elevated to 1250 the last time, this is very good news. It is likely the CA125 was affected by the discomfort and irritation from the food posioning incident.

The CTscan results keep me on the patupilone course which is a good thing. Although the side effects are increasing and keeping me laying low, the patupilone keeps me from jumping back to the carboplatin/taxol regimen. Think February. If the patupilone continues to work for me, it gives me that much more time away from the nasty stuff and a better chance it will work for me next time.

We are all doing well. Madeline and Richie returned home last night from a motorcycle show in Alabama. Charlie won two trophies at a Tae Kwon Do tournament on Saturday. In spite of the cancer, we continue to live a normal life and it is important that we work toward that because this is our life.

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