Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things have been rather chaotic lately. My dad passed away almost two weeks ago, I had my fifth chemo treatment and have been to Houston for a second opinion.

My Dad died on September 12.

My fifth chemo treatment went as well as can be expected. My visit with Dr. Mutch revealed that my CA125 has dropped a bit from 942 to 837. He also feels the tumor has diminished in size. This is all very good. I am working continually to get better.

Richie and I went to MDAnderson in Houston for a second opinion appointment Tuesday. It was reassuring to hear from the doctor there that he would be following the same therapy prescription for me if I were his patient. I did not expect any different response from him and so it is good for me to know that I am at the right cancer center with the right doctor. I really like my doc, his staff and if I have to be away from my family in Lawrence, at least I am with my family in St. Louis.

So today I am feeling the beginnings of the chemo effects. I am a little tired from travel and chemo and life in general. I am not achy today (which I was last time) and I am looking forward to the weekend at home.

We are all doing well. The kids are busy with school, dance, Taw Kwon Do, drums, piano. Richie is busy at work and we have tons of projects around the house. So life is as normal as it can get with a twist or two. Thanks to everyone for the cards and good wishes.

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