Friday, June 20, 2008

Cancer Rears its Ugly Head...

I am headed to chemotherapy next week. The cancer has returned. I am hopeful this next phase of my treatment will contain the growth and possibly even get rid of all the cancer.

We found on yesterday, June 18. It was not a good day. Lots of tears, a few laughs, a couple of glasses of wine and we have arrived at day one. I know I can survive this, it is a big bump in the road, but I am strong and determined.

I will be participating in a research study and will have more information regarding that next week. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I will do the same for you. And give my babies and Richie some extra special care when you see them...they really need it.

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lou lou said...

Maggie, I remember this day. I was up in St. Louis visiting. I remember when you came to John and Linda's after the hospital visit. Maddie and me slept in the same room that night. We had a good talk about you. love, Bri