Monday, December 29, 2008


I never thought I would use the "TGIF phrase" except for celebrating the end of the work week and to show my excitement about the weekend. But I must use it here because, Friday, January 2, I will have my surgery. It has only been 12 days since the onc diagnosed my latest problem and said that surgery was the only fix, and it will only be 16 days since the diagnosis that I will be having the surgery. But these have been long, long days.

It was wonderful to have the break from the hospital and come home for Christmas and I am very thankful for that. That was my onc's first question today and I know she gave me a great gift. Now I will be readmitted tomorrow and will work on getting my whole body ready for this next surgery. Rich and the kids will be with me and I know many of you will be with me in spirit and prayer. I should be home from the hospital within 8-10 days from the surgery depending on how well I am recovering.

My best to all, thanks for everything, Maggie


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I hope everything with your surgery went well. Thinking of you...

Friends and Family of Weedle/Donna said...

Hi Maggie -- I just got the email forwarded to us from Barney Hubert about the surgery, and I was so thrilled to hear the news. Dr. Chapman operated on me too - she was brought in "just in case" when Dr. Lofton did my hysterectomy (and they thought I had ovarian cancer also). In any case, she was marvelous! I thought of her as an amazon wonder.

Congrats on all the results, and I'll be thinking of you, and singing the Misheberech (prayer for healing) for you at the Jewish center services.