Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Breaking Out!

Well, not really. I am being discharged from the hospital today. Last Friday I had a test to determine where my intestines were actually compromised. It turns out it was my small bowel and as there is no immediate danger and my doc is going to be unavailable from Dec 23-27, I can wait just as well at home as I can in the hospital. This morning will be spent working with the social worker to set up home health aides to visit me daily, check my vitals and get my daily feedbag loaded up.

I will be on a liquid diet while at home. This will really help to keep pain at a minimum and keep me more comfortable. It will also make the transition back to the hospital pretty smooth, I won't need to 'clean out' again - I will already be prepared. My doc will be arranging her schedule so that we will have a surgery date set for sometime during the week after Christmas.

Thanks so much to everyone for your offers of help, we are lucky to have such generous friends! I know that Christmas dinner is spoken for and we had just finished Christmas shopping so we are sliding in just under the tag. My best wishes to all for a safe and healthy holiday season.
Love from a very happy gal, Maggie

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chris said...

I thought you meant you were having a weird reaction to the meds. Good to know it's only illegal behavior (once again!!). Enjoy your time at home. We'll miss you in St. Louis, but know you have to kick this thing to the curb, so do what you must. Love you to the moon and back Mongrel!!
Love Chris (and Chris and Matt, Danny, Peter and Maggie of course)