Friday, February 6, 2009

I continue to get better every day. Yesterday I drove for the first time since December 17, 2008. It felt really wonderful and gave me a taste of the independence I crave and will have again soon. It was wonderful to pick up Madeline and Charlie and see their smiling faces. We went to the bakery for a loaf of bread and a treat to celebrate.

I am working hard to try and do something everyday, like make the bed, load some dishes in the dishwasher, feed myself. The good thing about the help we've been getting is that I didn't have to do much for myself. The bad thing is I could really get used to that - for a while anyway.

The last oncology visit was really uneventful. During surgery they found more tumor growth on my ureters. I had to have repairs done to the bladder and it has still not healed yet. I anticipate having to keep the catheter until the Spring. This is good and bad. I believe the tissue will heal so I am not afraid of any additional problems, but the catheter makes going out and about a bit of a chore. So, for now, I prefer to stay home, it's easier.

I struggle daily with the depression. Some days I feel very strong and know I am going to survive this cancer and other days, like today, I feel poorly and my mood reflects that. I either had a touch of food poisoning or a touch of the flu last night and didn't sleep at all. I had stomach cramps most of the night and day and stayed on the couch. This getting healthy thing is hard work.

Thanks for all the good wishes, meals, and help these last couple of weeks. We are so appreciative and know you are all out there pulling for us.


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